Hualong Robot Automatic Compression Testing System

Automatic electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine is mainly composed of electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine, electric clamping claw, mute servo hydraulic system, servo control system, vision system, automatic feeding platform, automatic cleaning device and other parts.
Automatic electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine using hybrid electric power technology, the sample of the feed, compression test, the result judgement, discharging test process was done by the device automatically, eliminate human intervention, ensure the accuracy of the test data and consistency, sustainable work more than 24 hours, improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the test personnel, Realize the automation and intelligence of the testing machine system.
The automatic electro-hydraulic servo pressure test function can set the loading rate according to the corresponding national standard and meet the standard loading rate control index to carry out the concrete material under the rated test force of the compressive test, with load, time and test curve dynamic display and timely control function and maximum test force maintenance function.Hualong Robot Automatic Compression Testing System


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