• HLE-300 Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine Equipped with High Temperature Furnace15 Nov 2022

    HUALONG HLE series electromechanical testing machines offerforce,displacement or deformation closed loop testing in tension, compression, flexure, shear, tear and peel etc.. The machine can be equipped with a variety ofaccessories including: grips, fixtures, compression frames, thermal cabinets and READ MORE >>

  • Hualong HLY-Q Series Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine11 Nov 2022

    HLY-Q series servo-hydraulic universal testing machine is designed with up-mounted actuator structure. Bidirectional differential cylinder provides bidirectional control of tension and compression in one single space.Clearance-free structure and actuator up and down to adjust the test space offers eREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong WDW-1000G Computer Controlled Fully Automatic Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine11 Nov 2022

    Robot automatic electronic tensile testing machine is composed of electronic tensile host, equipped with automatic extensometer, code scanning system, weighing and length measuring device, ABB robot, sample holder, control system, software, etc. The fixture of the testing machine is hydraulic Flat pREAD MORE >>

  • 2000KN Dual Cylinder Pull-off Breaking Force Testing Machine02 Nov 2022

    2000kN Dual cylinder loading tensile testing machine is specially designed for long stroke loading of high capacity, it employs HUALONG innovative technology that two oil cylinders seated on each side and synchronize pushing the top beam, with HUALONG advanced hydraulic control technologies to ensurREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong PWS Series Axial Load Fatigue Testing Machine02 Nov 2022

    The fatigue testing machine is mainly used for the dynamic mechanical performance test of steel strand anchorage. It is suitable for research work in various fields such as machinery metallurgy, aerospace, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and so on. By changing the fixture, READ MORE >>

  • Hualong New Shear and Compression Testing Machine26 Oct 2022

    HUALONG YJW-10000kn/20000kn SERIES Comperssion and Shearing Testing Machine is mainly used to verify the mechanical properties of pot shape, spherical shape and pad shape bearings which are broadly used in highway, railway, bridge and buildings. It is capably of obtaining technical index of compressREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong GLY Series Optical Fiber Cable Tensile & Crush Testing Machine26 Oct 2022

    These machines offer force, displacement or deformation closed loop testing. The load frames are rigid constructed, providing superior axial and lateral stiffness.The cable length under test us 150 meters, Additional cable length is needed to connect the fibers to be tester.Replacement fixture can rREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Optical Fiber Cable Tensile Tester Indoor Type21 Oct 2022

    Optical Fiber Cable Tensile Tester (Indoor Cable) are designed specifically for indoor (Bow Type) optical fiber cables to test tensile strength under tension. The tester compliments with an extensometer to measure the cable.Test cable sample is wound over the approximate sized sheave, pulled at a READ MORE >>

  • Hualong WWN Series Insulator Bending and Torsion Testing Machine21 Oct 2022

    WWN series of insulator bending and torsion testing machine for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, low cycle and other tests, analysis and quality control of metal, non-metal materials and finished products, mainly applicable to Various types of insulator bending and torsion READ MORE >>

  • 100MN Compression & Shearing Testing Machine Start Installation13 Oct 2022

    Hualong Computer Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Compression Testing Machine useHydro-servo Hydraulic loading, hydraulic pressure sensor force measurement, electro-hydraulic servo control system to automatically control the test process, microcomputer screen display test data and curve, data procREAD MORE >>

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