• Computer-controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Pull-off Breaking Force Testing Machine04 Aug 2022

    TheElectro-hydraulic Pull-off Breaking Force Testing Machineis used to test the pull-out force of the electromagnet in the lifting state and the breaking force of the electromagnet suspension chain. Mainly used in electromagnet manufacturers and testing units.The whole machine adopts a frame structuREAD MORE >>

  • HUALONG HLY-Q Series Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine04 Aug 2022

    HUALONG HLY-QSeriesServo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is specially designed for high-capacity tension, compression, bend, flexure, shear tests on a wide range of different materials for quality control, product development and research or process development. These frames feature single ultraREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Electro-hydraulic Servo Dynamic Static Testing Machine28 Jul 2022

    The HLYP series floor-standing loading frame is ideal for testing from material mechanical properties to smallcomponent testing, and is suitable for testing applications for various materials, such as various concrete anchors,cables, composite materials, steel, aluminum alloys , super alloys, etc.ThREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Computer Controlled Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine28 Jul 2022

    Hualong Computer Controlled Elastomeric Bearing Testing Machine are mainly used in highway, railway, bridge, building plate rubber bearing, basin bearing, ball bearing products mechanical properties, damping performance, rubber bearing large deformation test and detection.It can be used for compressREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Compression Testing Machine12 Jul 2022

    Hualong Compression Testing MachineOur CTM meets the need for a simple, economic and reliable means of compressive test on Containers, Masonryunits, Concrete cubes &cylinders, hollow blocksand various other materials in accordance with European/British standard.The machine is electro-hydraulicalREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong HLC Series Compression & Flexural Testing Machine12 Jul 2022

    HUALONG HLC Series Electromechanical Compression Testing Machine is mainly used to determine of the compressive, flexural strength of cement mortar and flexural strength of concrete or stone prism.Space adjusting & test processes could be controlled by the software and the test result could be tREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong WCJ Series Drop Weight Tear Tester04 Jul 2022

    HUALONG WCJ Series is mainly used for drop weight tear test ( DWTT) of Ferritic Steels, to observe specimen fracture surface after impact within the temperature that fracture type is converted from non-ductility to ductility. This test method is that hammer striker with some weights is raised to somREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Cross Biaxial Stretching Tester28 Jun 2022

    This machine can be used as two-way stretch plate material samples, according to the required stretching ratio, at room temperature and within the specified time to carry out the style tensile test, for the laboratory to conduct physical and chemical testing and analysis. And any crystalline and nonREAD MORE >>

  • Hualong Robotic Fully Automatic Compression Testing System28 Jun 2022

    Automatic electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine is mainly composed of electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine, electric clamping claw, mute servo hydraulic system, servo control system, vision system, automatic feeding platform, automatic cleaning device and other parts.AutomaticREAD MORE >>

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